Coleman SupportRest Air Mattress Review

Let me ask you a question: do you want your relatives to hate you?

No, of course not.

Another quick question for you: do you want to sleep on a cold ground when camping?

No, you don’t.

That’s why you need an air mattress. It will come in handy when your friends or relatives need a nice sleeping place while visiting you, or when you decide to spend a couple of nights in a tent, surrounded by nature.

In today’s review, I want to introduce you to the air bed, which can become your best helper in all those situations. Let’s take a look at the Coleman SupportRest air mattress and see what it is capable of.

Let’s Dive Right In: The Essential Characteristics

I want to start my Coleman SupportRest air mattress review by defying the most important characteristics. I was testing the Double High model in the size Queen, which is the most popular format and, in my humble opinion, the most optimal one.

“Some people don’t really associate air beds with comfort. However, this type of mattresses can provide you with a good night’s sleep. You can regulate the firmness level by releasing some air or pumping the bed more. Plus, air beds come in the regular mattress sizes, so you can even enjoy a spacious King-sized bed.”

This Coleman SupportRest air mattress is packed with extras. I mean, it doesn’t come with a remote control or LED backlight to create the party mood. However, it features a couple of special, company’s proprietary technologies:

The AirTight system. I’m not really sure how it works (I suppose it involves stronger and tighter seams), but it was designed to prevent the air from leaking. To tell you the truth, it does work. While sleeping on this air bed, I barely noticed any leakage. It was minimal and didn’t happen overnight but took a couple of days to occur.

The Double Lock valve, which is presented as another proprietary technology, also serves to prevent the air from leaking out. The valve itself is plastic and not extremely sturdy; however, it managed to keep the air inside.

The Queen-sized mattress can handle up to 600 pounds. I’m an average sleeper, but I think that this is true. The bed feels supportive and sturdy, so I believe it can support heavier sleepers or a couple quite effectively.

Looking Deeper at its Essence: Construction and Design

I will be honest with you:

When it comes to mattresses, construction is what matters to me the most. If you’re anything like me, you are going to find this section of my Coleman SupportRest air mattress review very helpful.

Now, for a simple inflatable bed, this Coleman SupportRest air mattress is not that simple and has a rather interesting and advanced design. The Support Lock reinforced construction features the inner air coils and the strengthened sides. This makes the mattress feel almost like a real bed. It is firm and supportive, doesn’t let you sink in, and keeps its surface flat, just like a regular bed.

“The thickness of the mattress is important. When it’s too thin, it might not be comfortable enough. It can even let you sink into the floor. Therefore, going with a taller, thicker model is always a good choice.”

Another factor worth noting in my Coleman SupportRest air mattress review is its Double-High design. When fully inflated, the mattress is 18 inches thick, which makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning. And, if you’re one of those people who appreciate the proper support, you can inflate it even more (up to 20 inches). It won’t overstretch the material since it’s made of the thick and durable PVC. The reinforced sides also make the mattress more stable, which means it won’t feel wobbly and shaky when you toss and turn on it.

The top surface of this Coleman SupportRest air mattress is soft and plush to the touch. The raised edges (also called the “PillowStop design”) create a wider sleeping surface and add a bit more sturdiness to the overall mattress construction.

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In and Out: How to Deal with the Inflation and the Deflation

The first thing you need to know about this Coleman SupportRest air mattress is that it doesn’t come with a pump. But let’s face it:

For such an affordable price, expecting this air bed to have an internal electric pump would be too bold.

The valve is plastic and features the DoubleLock technology, which prevents the air from leaking. It’s actually very easy to use and does trap the air inside.

Now, I used the electric pump to inflate my Coleman SupportRest air mattress. And if you’re thinking about saving some money and going with a hand pump, let me just give you a piece of advice, a friendly warning: you’ll be sick and tired of inflating your air bed after the first 5 minutes. I mean, it’s a full-size mattress, so don’t expect the inflating process to be easy-peasy when using only manual labor. My electric pump managed to fully inflate the bed in about 5 minutes. It also features the “deflate” option, so basically, the pump did all the work for me.

However, being a particularly curious human being, I decided to try deflating the mattress using my bare hands. Let me just tell you this: it wasn’t hard at all. All I had to do is open the valve and let the air out, pressing on the mattress from time to time. So, if you decide to deflate your Coleman SupportRest air mattress manually, you’ll have no problems doing that.

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Out of Sight: Storage and Compactness

Here’s the deal:

This Coleman SupportRest air mattress is super easy to fold, store, and transport.

Once you’ve deflated the air bed, all you have to do is fold and roll it into a compact bundle. What disappointed me a little is the fact that this mattress comes without a special storage bag. But again, as I’ve already said in my Coleman SupportRest air mattress review, it’s a really no-frill model because it comes at a very reasonable price. However, there’s a special nylon tying, which serves to protect and keep the mattress rolled up, turning the storage into a fuss-free experience.

“Storage is crucial. Trying to stuff your air bed into some box or bag can be rather challenging. So, to save yourself a headache, buy a mattress that’s compact and easy to store.”

Keeping It Full: Air Retention and Leakage

When it comes to air beds, air leakage is one of the most crucial features. Want to know why? It’s simple:

When the mattress doesn’t retain air properly, it loses its firmness and capability to properly support the body.

Now, with the Coleman SupportRest air mattress, you don’t have to worry about that. It keeps the air where it’s supposed to be – inside.

I tested the mattress’s air retention properties by sleeping on it every day during the week without pumping it additionally, by sleeping on it with a partner, thus increasing the weight put on the mattress, and by letting my neighbor’s kids play, roll, and bounce on it.

Want to know the result of these little experiments?

When I was sleeping on the mattress on my own for 7 days straight, I didn’t notice any air leakage. This pleasantly surprised me, but, as I’m an average sleeper, it made me wonder about the real capabilities of this mattress.

So, the next step was putting more weight on it and sharing it with my significant other. Our joint weight is a bit more than 300 pounds, which, according to the manufacturer, is almost the half of what the Coleman SuportRest air mattress can handle. And again, I didn’t notice any air leakage.

It now was time for the heavy artillery: kids. They were happy to help and enjoyed their time playing and having fun on the mattress every day for a couple of days. After being used quite actively for a while, the mattress didn’t seem thinner to me, but it felt just a bit softer, so I’ve reached the conclusion that the air leakage was minimal.

The air mattress by Coleman withstood the trials I’ve prepared for it, showing great results and air retention properties.

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How to Choose an Air Bed and Not End up Feeling Disappointed

If you think that you’re the only one who sometimes struggles with reaching a decision, don’t worry: there are plenty of us. Making a choice can be hard, especially when there are so many items to choose from.

I can’t help you with every purchase, but I can surely assist you with picking the suitable air mattress. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

Sturdiness, support, and thickness. The air bed absolutely must be able to support your weight, so it’s always safer to go with a thicker mattress.

Comfort. This one is obvious: if the mattress feels too wobbly, squeaky, or simply not pleasant to the touch, it’s not the right mattress for you.

Company reputation. This one is obvious too; however, some people oftentimes forget about this factor. The thing is that when buying from a reliable company, you feel more protected as a customer, and that, in my opinion, is what helps you sleep better too.

Pump. An internal electric pump is the most convenient way to inflate and deflate your mattress. Keep in mind, though, that such models cost more.

Air retention. This factor is crucial. If your inflatable mattress allows too much air leakage, it can turn from a nice bed into a flat piece of vinyl or PVC in just one night.

Size. Larger air beds cost more, but don’t be hesitant to spend some extra money, especially if you are going to share the mattress with your partner or offer it as a sleeping place for a couple of guests.

“What really makes air beds great is the fact how versatile and portable they are. This type of mattresses can be used both indoors and outdoors or can be easily moved from one place to another when you need a temporary or an additional bed.”

The Good and the Bad


Thick and tall, makes it easier to get off the mattress

Minimal to no air leakage

Firm and supportive enough, even for heavier sleepers

Sturdy and not wobbly

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors

Can handle up to 600 pounds

Soft top, pleasant to the touch

Raised edges provide more sleeping space

Made of durable PVC

Easy to deflate, roll up, store, and transport

Reasonably priced

Overall comfort in multiple sleeping positions

1-year warranty


Doesn’t come with an air pump

A bit heavy because of the thick PVC material

The valve, even though being double sealed, didn’t seem very durable to me because of the plastic it’s made of

Is This a Good Option for You?

“Modern-day inflatable beds can offer a ton of extra features. Some even come with a remote, which allows the users to regulate the firmness by simply pressing a button, even while lying in bed.”

Here’s the deal:

While there are tons of clothes marked “One size fits all” at the stores, one air bed can’t satisfy everyone.

Therefore, let me tell you for whom this Coleman SupportRest air mattress will be the best choice. You are going to love it if you:

Appreciate great levels of support;

Want good quality for a reasonable price;

Plan to use this mattress for indoors, outdoors, or both;

Are a heavier sleeper who wants more support;

Don’t mind the absence of the pump;

Want a thick, high, bed-like air mattress.

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The Verdict
Comfort 100%
Support 100%
Durability 90%
Air retention 80%
Storage 70%
Ease of inflation and deflation 70%
Price 90%
Warranty 80%
Company reputation 100%
Value for money 90%
Summary 87%

To tell you the truth, I used to be very skeptical about air beds. However, this Coleman SupportRest air mattress made me change my mind. It is comfortable, reliable, and suitable for any occasion. It feels almost like a regular mattress, and, with a set of nice linens, it will look just like a real bed. I’m sure that both you and your guests will enjoy sleeping on this mattress.

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