Insta-Bed NeverFlat Raised Air Mattress Review

insta bed neverflat raised air mattress review

What can be more important than sleep?

I guess a lot of things… probably.

But if you’re anything like me, sleep must be your number one priority. And you absolutely have to feel comfortable, no matter where you are and what you are doing: camping, visiting your friends, or moving.

What can come in handy in those situations and provide you with a good sleeping space is a high-quality air bed. Today, we will take a look at the Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress and see whether it can give you a good night’s sleep or turn your rest into a nightmare.

First Things First: The Main Characteristics

I was testing the Queen-sized Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress, which is 18 inches high and has the size of a regular mattress. It comes in three different colors (Gray, Tan, and White), so you can even choose one that will fit your interior better.

Now, this mattress belongs to the pricier category, but there’s a reason for that. Actually, a few reasons. So, I want to dedicate this part of my Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress review to the main characteristics. Let’s see what this air bed has to offer:

It is made of thick and durable PVC, which makes this mattress suitable for various purposes.

It features two internal pumps for easier inflation and stable firmness levels.

The weight capacity is 500 pounds, which means this model is suitable for couples and heavier sleepers.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, which is a standard period for the majority of air mattresses.

It features a soft suede top, which makes the surface pleasant to the touch and provides some grip for the sheets.

It comes with a repair kit, which might come in handy after an accidental puncture.

“When it comes to the material, it gets a bit tricky. The thing is that an air mattress has to be sturdy enough to support your weight but thin enough to be easily rolled up and stored compactly. Thankfully, modern-day manufacturers have started incorporating thin and strong materials like polyurethane with the regular PVC, making the air beds a bit easier to use.”

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To the Bone: Construction and Design

Let me just start by saying this:

I love the fact that this Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress is so thick and tall. Even when placed right on the floor, without using any additional elevating platforms or spring boxes, it felt like a real bed and allowed me to get out of it without even making an effort.

Now, let’s proceed to the most important part of my Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress review – the construction. This particular model features the circular coil construction, which is a popular choice for many manufacturers these days. The Queen-sized model has 35 circular coils, but it gets even better:

The construction also includes horizontal and vertical reinforcement, which makes this mattress rather sturdy.

“Always remember that a high-quality product is its own commercial. Don’t rely solely on loud words from the advertisements.”

The top of this Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress is very plush to the touch. It’s made of suede fabric, which not only adds more comfort but also helps the sheets stay in place and not slide off of the mattress during the night.

Another important part of the construction is the built-in air pumps, which, in my opinion, deserve a separate segment in this Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress review.

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Inflation and Deflation: Will It Be a Headache?

When looking at the name of this Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress, you might be wondering what that NeverFlat thing is and whether it’s even possible. So, let me explain.

You see, the NeverFlat technology is possible thanks to the two built-in air pumps. The primary one, which is the 120V AC pump, easily inflates the bed in under 5 minutes. The other one monitors the pressure levels in the mattress and, when it detects a change in firmness, automatically pumps the mattress. It is quiet and very effective but requires a constant power supply in order to keep working during the night. You can choose the comfort level to your liking among the Plush, Medium, and Firm options, and the pump will maintain it throughout the night.

“No matter how comfortable your air bed is, it’s still vinyl (or nylon, or PVC) and you can always make it even comfier. For instance, adding a nice memory foam topper, soft sheets, and fluffy pillows will turn a simple air mattress into a real bed.”

To tell you the truth, I was rather skeptical about this whole NeverFlat thing. And, being an average sleeper and not causing any air leakage because of my weight, I decided to conduct an experiment. I set the Firm comfort level and let my kids play on the mattress all day. They rolled around, bounced, tumbled, and even had a little fight (don’t worry, no one got hurt).

Of course, the mattress allowed some air leakage. Let’s face:

It was under a lot of pressure (pressure being two active kids). However, my Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress inflated itself and got back to its original firm state. In my opinion, this feature is very handy, especially for people who need great support for their back and tend to toss and turn a lot during the night.

The deflating process could not be easier. All I had to do was set the “Deflate” mode on the pump, and my mattress became completely flat in just a couple of minutes.

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Out of View: How to Store It

This is what makes air beds super easy to use: they can be compactly stored and transported without causing any troubles.

Now, this Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress comes with a special carry bag, which is very lightweight. Because the mattress is made of the thick PVC, you might think that’s it’s bulky, heavy, and hard to roll up. The truth is, its weight is only 15 pounds, and I had no problem rolling it and putting it in the bag.

NeverFlat or Leaking Air? Trying to Figure Out the Truth

This section of my Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress review is very important. I’m sure that you know how important the air retention properties in an air bed are. No one wants to fall asleep on a nice, supportive mattress and wake up in the morning lying on a soft, wobbly, jelly-like piece of vinyl (or even worse, on the floor).

“When shopping for an air mattress, keep in mind who is going to use it. Young friends or kids won’t mind sleeping on something simple and basic. However, if you need to create a sleeping space for older people, a thick and raised air bed would be a better option since it will help your guests get out of bed in the morning.”

Now, I decided to test my Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress and see whether it really can sustain its firmness all through the night. Here’s how I tested it:

I set different firmness options (Plush, Medium, and Firm) every night to see, how the second pump maintains them.

I tossed and turned on the mattress.

I shared the bed with my partner, who also enjoyed tossing, turning, and rolling around on the mattress.

And finally, I let the kids test the endurance of my Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress.

To tell you the truth, the results pleasantly surprised me. First of all, the mattress didn’t really allow any air leakage when I was using it on my own or with my significant other. And when the kids started to test it, the air leakage was minimal and was fixed in no time at all, as the pump detected the changes in the air pressure and automatically inflated the mattress to the needed level.

I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s worth investing in.

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How to Transform Your Sleep

Here’s the deal:

Air beds can be really comfortable, but there’s no limit to perfection. There are some helpful tips and tricks you can try to make your air mattress more comfortable, so take a look at them and get ready to transform your inflatable bed:

Put it on something soft. Hardwood floors might make the mattress material squeak when you move. Therefore, it’s always better to place your air bed on the carpet or a rug.

Create the headboard. It’s always better to have something to support your pillows. You can place the air bed next to the armchair or even the wall to have a place which you can lean on.

Add a topper. Whether it’s a latex one or a memory foam one, a nice mattress topper can drastically increase the comfort level.

Use a box spring. If your air mattress isn’t too thick, you can always place it on a box spring. This will make it easier to use and look more like a real bed.

“Think about what you are going to use your air mattress for. For camping, a simple “no-frills” model will be more than enough, so there’s no need to spend a fortune solely to sleep in a tent on a luxurious air bed.”

Let’s Put It on the Scale: Pros and Cons


Sturdy construction

Very supportive, feels almost like a real bed

The built-in air pump inflates and deflates the mattress in just a couple of minutes

The additional pump maintains the chosen firmness level throughout the night

The surface is plush and pleasant to the touch

The raised design makes it easy to use

Comes with a storage bag and a repair kit

1-year warranty

Can handle up to 500 pounds

Customizable firmness


The NeverFlat pump requires a constant power source

Might allow some air leakage

Some people might not find the surface flat enough because of the inner coil system

“If you’re planning to use the air bed indoors, a bit more advanced design might be a good idea. For instance, the raised height and edges, the built-in electric pump, or even the NeverFlat technology might come in handy when the mattress is used regularly in the house.”

Are You Going to Love It? I Know the Answer

Let’s face it:

We are all different. We have our own preferences and circumstances, and one mattress model (no matter how good it is) can’t be a universal product for each and every person. But I know for whom this Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress is the best option. You are going to love it if you:

Appreciate great support;

Don’t mind investing in a pricier air mattress;

Want your air bed to maintain its firmness throughout the night;

Are a heavier sleeper or plan to share the air bed with your partner;

Want the firmness level to be customizable;

Plan to use the mattress primarily indoors;

Want something sturdy and reliable.

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The Verdict

Comfort 100%
Support 100%
Durability 90%
Air retention 70%
Storage 80%
Ease of inflation and deflation 100%
Price 70%
Warranty 80%
Company reputation 100%
Value for money 80%
Summary 87%

I’m not going to lie:

When I first got this Insta-Bed NeverFlat air mattress, I wasn’t expecting it to help me sleep like a baby. I expected to get a huge, bulky air bed, that would stink like plastic, feel wobbly under my body, and squeak every time I move.

What I got was actually a big surprise. This mattress is sturdy, supportive, and very comfortable to sleep on. My standard Queen sheets fit it perfectly and didn’t move around during the night. The firmness levels remained the way I wanted them to. The pump was working quickly and quietly. And even though this air mattress is a bit pricey and needs to be placed next to a power source, the benefits it provides are undeniable. I’m sure you will appreciate them as much as I did.

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