Intex Comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura-Beam Airbed

intex comfort plush elevated dura beam airbed review

Let me guess:

You’d rather go home than stay at someone’s place overnight, right? I mean there are many things that may make you feel uncomfortable when you’re a guest, with one of the worst ones being a sleeping space you will be given.

Now, hear me say this:

If your hosts offered you to sleep on this air bed, you would not mind staying.

I’m talking about Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed, which I was lucky to discover when I was a guest myself. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love it. But let’s get into more detail first.

The Basic Characteristics You Should Know

Before I dive into the specifics, allow me to quickly introduce the hero of my review. Unlike air mattresses of the past, which were an uncomfortable, air-leaking mess, this modern model has truly surprised me. The Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed proved to possess almost the same qualities a traditional mattress has and even some additional benefits!

Here’s what I mean:

The mattress is equipped with a built-in electric pump, which inflates it in less than 5 minutes and allows you to customize the firmness levels.

The Queen size option, which I was testing, is 22 inches high – approximately as high as an ordinary bed is.

It features the Fiber-Tech constructions, which means there are thousands of polyester fibers inside the airbed.

Weighing only 21 pounds itself, the mattress has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, meaning it can handle you and your significant other, even if both of you are moderately overweight.

It comes with a duffel bag and a patch kit.

A good mattress means better sleep, and better sleep often means better productivity. With a quality airbed, you can ensure your guests will wake up well-rested on Monday after a great weekend at your place.

Elegance in Design & Efficiency in Construction

Here we come to the essential part of my Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed review. It’s been five months since I started testing this mattress, and so far it has been very durable. The manufacturer claims that sturdiness and durability were achieved due to the thousands of strong polyester fibers inside. I don’t know how to verify that number (and who cares, indeed?), but it seems to be working great.

The top of the mattress is covered with a flocked texture, which is very soft to the touch. And it gets even better:

When I took the Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed with me outdoors, I didn’t bring a cover and still enjoyed fantastic rest. Still, if you prefer using a cover, you should know that it might not fit perfectly when the mattress is inflated to a moderately firm level.

“If you want to wake up refreshed, you need to choose a mattress that fits you personally that is, the one that adjusts to the shape of your body, allowing you to relax your muscles at night and eliminating a chance of any possible pains in the morning.”

The flocked material also seems to be protecting the mattress from having any off-gassing and prevents the sheets from making that annoying noise that is a common problem for most air beds.

The sides of the bed are indented, and this feature has saved my sheets from slipping. Also, this model uses air chambers that add more support to the entire construction, and that’s probably why it felt firmer than any other airbed that I’ve tried.

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Setting Up the Mattress: Inflation & Deflation

Usually, one of the biggest downsides of an airbed is the actual process of blowing it up. I still have unpleasant flashbacks of me spending half an hour to inflate my old mattress with a foot pump. However, with the Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed that wasn’t the case.

And here’s why:

This airbed model came with a built-in electric pump that allowed me to inflate it in a matter of minutes.

The pump has to be plugged into a 110-120V outlet and can be turned on with a single press of a button. The deflation process is just as simple:

All I had to do was turn the valve counter-clockwise, and it deflated in about six minutes.

Honestly, this single feature makes this air bed worth the money. But it’s not it yet. Want to know the best part?

You can not only inflate and deflate the Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed with ease but also choose how firm or soft you wanted it to be, depending on how much air you pump in.

The only slight annoyance that some may find here is that the pump is a bit loud, sounding like a vacuum cleaner. However, I believe it’s better to listen to a few minutes of that sound than to spend four times more effort to inflate it manually.

Are you ready to give this airbed a try? You can order it here!

Your overnight guests don’t need to sleep on your old, uncomfortable couch anymore. An air bed is your perfect solution. Besides, modern options are so light in weight that you can easily take your mattress with you to avoid sleeping discomfort when you happen to be a guest yourself.

How to Store the Airbed for Maximum Safety

When I first got my Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed, I was pleasantly surprised that the package included a duffel bag for me to store the mattress in. I couldn’t think of a better way to pack it and carry it around if I needed to take the mattress with me. The bag is of a perfect size, and there even is enough space for some sheets.

When I don’t have to take it out, I store this airbed in a box it came in under a sofa. The one thing that is crucial for storing this mattress is keeping it away from high-temperature places. If you store it in a hot spot, you’re just asking for trouble, as the material will lose its durability.

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Does It Leak or Does It Leak?

Here’s what you should know first:

When it comes to air mattresses air leakage is normal to a certain extent.

The reason is that some materials tend to stretch over time, meaning the space inside grows larger but the amount of air remains the same. Actually, it’s just unreal for the air to remain inside in the same amounts. However, if you use your airbed constantly and have to inflate it every day, it’s not normal.

Perhaps, there’s a hole in the material. You should observe the surface and, if you find the hole, use a repair kit that the Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed comes with. In case you don’t seem to find any reasonable explanation for constant leakage, I have to disappoint you:

The manufacturer provides only a limited 15-day policy, under which you can return a defective item.

Okay, let’s get back to positive vibes now. My experience with this air mattress was excellent in terms of air leakage. The bed kept its shape completely during the night. Still, when I let my children play on the bed during the day (which was a real stress for the poor bed), I did notice slight leakage. Overall, if you’re planning to use the mattress for occasional guests and sleepovers, no air leakage will disturb you.

Ready to order it now? You can do it here!

When you sleep well, your body is resting, but your brain is busy organizing and storing memories. So, if you get quality sleep, you let your brain do its job better. But it’s impossible to get quality sleep on an old, squeaky sofa. Switch to an air bed, and make your friends do the same so that you all could enjoy peaceful nights when visiting each other.

Why I Recommend Buying the Intex Airbed

For the sake of my Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed review, I’ve decided to list the features that stood out the most for me in this model:

Height. This mattress sets itself apart by being 22 inches high, which is so far taller than any other inflatable mattress I have ever used. With the height of a traditional bed, which is almost as tall as my knee, getting up from this airbed provided no difficulty at all.

Size. By being 60 x 80 inches big, this mattress reaches the recommended measurements for an ordinary queen size bed. It also happens to be just the perfect size for all my guests who have already slept on it (once, it even accommodated a couple with a kid), and perfect for me, as anything bigger would take too much space in the apartment.

And the cherry on the top:
My standard Queen-sized fitted sheets were a perfect match, so I didn’t have to worry about that aspect as well.

Weight limit. The manufacturer claims that the Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed can hold up to 600 pounds of weight. I don’t know how true that is, but in my experience, it handled about 420 pounds with no problem – me, my wife, and our son.

“The purpose of any mattress is to keep your whole body in a comfortable position where your head, shoulders, spine, bottom, and legs are well-supported and properly aligned.”

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Advice That Will Make Your Life Easier

Before I conclude my Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed review, allow me to give you some tips that will come in handy when you’ll buy this mattress for yourself:

When you’re blowing up the airbed for the first time, it’s better to do so two or three hours before laying on it. This will allow the material to stretch.

Don’t wash this mattress in a washing machine. Instead, consider using some soap and water with a sponge, rinse it, and then dry it out.

If you have noticed that your Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed is leaking more than it should, check the knob. If it isn’t set completely to the right side, it will be releasing some air gradually.

Final Evaluation: Pros and Cons


Taller than most airbeds and big enough for two adults

Weight capability up to 600 pounds

Comes with a pump that allows you to adjust firmness

Doesn’t make you sweat

Soft top, pleasant to the touch

Comes with a patch kit and a bag for storage

Doesn’t make noise when moved around

Offers adequate support in all sleeping positions


Slight off-gassing on the first day

Might be not firm enough for some

Some queen size sheets may be too small

A bit too loud when inflating

A transformer is needed if you have a 220V outlet

Is the Intex Airbed the Right Option for You?

As I’ve shared all the details I know about the Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed, let’s try to figure out whom it suits the best.

Let me say this first:

Only the fact that you can adjust how firm the airbed is by adding or releasing some of the air makes it an excellent choice for almost everyone. However, I would mostly recommend it to people who:

Want a cheap and comfortable solution for their guest bedroom;

Need a temporary affordable substitute for a main bed;

Are looking for a good air bed for a camping trip (if this is your case, make sure your tent is capable of accommodating a mattress of this size and height).

Prefer a taller option;

Are heavier sleepers or are going to use the mattress with their partner;

The Verdict

Comfort 100%
Support 90%
Durability 90%
Air retention 80%
Storage 80%
Ease of inflation and deflation 100%
Price 90%
Warranty 60%
Company reputation 100%
Value for money 80%
Summary 87%

All in all, I have to say that I’m happy with buying the Intex comfort plush elevated Dura-Beam airbed. It can never fully replace an expensive traditional bed, but as far as air mattresses go, this is the best one I’ve tried. I won’t recommend it to everyone, especially if you have pets in your house, but it’s a fantastic option for a guest bed. And if you’ll buy a gel topper as I did, you can use it as a comfortable main bed as well!

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