SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

soundasleep dream series air mattress review

Look, I get it: we don’t all live in huge houses with 5 extra guest bedrooms.

(But how awesome would that be, right?)

Still, it doesn’t mean that your guests have to sleep on the floor next to your dog (no matter how cute and fluffy it is).

For situations like that, there’s one simple solution – an air bed. Today, we are going to take a look at the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress and find out what it is capable of.

“Forget about those old-school air beds that had few huge air chambers inside, which made the mattresses feel all wobbly and unstable. The modern-day air beds feature an advanced construction that involves separate inner coils or beams. They feel more comfortable and provide more stability.”

Let’s Start with the Basics

Here’s the deal:

This SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress belongs to the pricier category, which means one of the following: 1) it can boast of great quality or 2) you are going to pay more for bells and whistles.

“Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean that your overnight guests have to sleep on the floor or an uncomfortable sofa. Getting a nice air mattress can help you create a nice sleeping space for your visitors in a couple of minutes. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Now, I want to start my SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress review with the key characteristics, to give you a general idea of what this air bed looks like and what it can do for you:

The size Queen (the one that I was testing and the most popular size option) is 19 inches high, which is a great feature, as it makes the air mattress feel like a real bed.

This mattress features the inner air coil construction, which provides support and sturdiness.

It is made of thick PVC, which tends to stretch a little after regular use, so you’ll have to inflate the mattress regularly from time to time.

It can handle up to 500 pounds, so you can use it with a partner.

The mattress comes with a storage bag.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.

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Thorough Examination: Let’s Take a Look at Its Design and Construction

I’m sure that you, being a smart person, realize how important the construction of an air bed is. Everything depends on it: your comfort, ease of use, and durability. So, let’s see what this SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress has to offer.

Let’s start with the inner coils. This is a popular construction these days, which can be found in many other models. However, I want to be honest in my SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress review, so I want to tell you this:

The inner coil construction does work in this case. It is sturdy and supportive and even reminded me of a regular bed. In the Queen-sized model, there are 40 individual coils, which help the surface maintain its flat shape and support the body weight up to 500 pounds.

“The two main air mattress designs these days are coils and beams. Beams might remind you of a hot dog bun: long, horizontal (although some models even feature the vertical beams), separate seams of the PVC that create ridges on the bed surface. This design is a bit old-fashioned and doesn’t provide the correct pressure distribution. The coil system, on the other hand, is more stable. Thanks to a large number of small inner coils, such a design is great for an even distribution of weight and pressure relief.”

The top surface features the multi-layered flocked fabric. It is waterproof but feels really plush. Because of its velvety texture, the sheets don’t slide or move on the mattress during the night, especially the fitted ones.

Now, another feature that I want to mention in my SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress review is the SureGrip bottom. This technology prevents the air bed from sliding, moving, and squeaking when placed on the hard floor. Even though it’s always better to place your air bed on something soft like a carpet or a rug, the manufacturer predicted other circumstances and made the bottom of the mattress suitable for hard floors as well.

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Will You Require Using Manual Labor? Let’s Talk About Inflation and Deflation

Once, I had to inflate more than a dozen balloons for my kid’s birthday party. I thought I was going to faint, seriously. So, when it comes to air mattresses, the air pump is crucial to me.

This SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress didn’t cause me any troubles with inflation and deflation processes. It features the built-in electric pump, which fully inflates and deflates the air bed in less than 5 minutes. It’s not completely silent and you are definitely going to hear it when it works, but the sound isn’t too loud or annoying, at least to me.

Keep in mind that an electric pump requires a power source (obviously). This means you won’t be able to use the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress outdoors. The manufacturer simply didn’t design it to be used for camping. Just a heads-up for you.

Storage and Compactness

Here’s the deal:

If you’re living in a small place and require an air bed for the overnight guests, you don’t have a lot of free space for storage. Therefore, the mattress has to be compact.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress didn’t cause me any problems with keeping it out of view or transporting it from place to place. Even though it’s made of thick PVC, it can be rolled up into a bundle and put into its special carry bag, which doesn’t take too much space. The weight of the mattress is around 19 pounds, which isn’t that much, especially for such a sturdy model.

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Air Leakage: Occasional Accidents or Permanent Issues?

Let me warn you right away:

All air mattresses allow air leakage to some extent. It’s just impossible for the PVC material to keep every bit of it inside. However, some air beds do a better job at retaining air than the others.

Now, the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress looked very promising when I first inflated it. Such a big and tough construction had every chance to show great results.

“To help your mattress leak less, there’s a couple of things you can do. Keeping the room warm will reduce the air leakage, as different temperatures influence the material of an air mattress.”

So, for the sake of my SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress review, I decided to test it out the way I usually examine air beds:

I slept on in for long periods of time.

I tossed and turned a lot intentionally.

I shared the mattress with my lovely partner.

I allowed two lively kids to play on it.

Here’s the kicker:

The mattress didn’t make me go “Oh my, this is unbelievable!”. It didn’t make me mad either. When I was sleeping alone for 7 nights straight, I noticed some air leakage. However, the manufacturer warns that this SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress wasn’t designed for everyday use. So, the fact that I had to pump it regularly didn’t actually surprise me.

The same thing happened during the next stages of my experiment. When I was sleeping with my significant other, and when the kids spent some time bouncing and rolling on the air bed, in both cases I noticed some air leakage. It wasn’t too considerable, and the mattress didn’t turn into a flat piece of PVC. However, some additional pumping was needed.

So, if you plan to get this mattress for occasional overnight guests, I’m sure you won’t experience any problems with air retention.

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Some Important Things You Might Not Know

If this is your first air mattress buying experience, or you simply haven’t done that much research, there is some information that might be worth considering before actually investing in an air bed. Some of the facts and statistics might help you make up your mind, so let’s take a look at them:

The majority of users (over 70%) are usually satisfied with the comfort and support levels of their air mattresses.

The average price is $$40-100, although there are cheaper and more expensive options available.

Not many buyers (less than 10%) complain about the strong plastic odor of their air beds.

“An expensive air mattress doesn’t always mean superior quality. Sometimes you overpay not for a sturdy construction or a fast working air pump but for unnecessary additional features.”

Some users note that air mattresses can make you sleep cold, while no one really complains about sleeping hot on an air bed.

You can adjust the firmness level of your mattress by releasing or adding more air. Still, you have to be careful because overinflating your mattress can cause some air leakage.

The typical weight of an air bed is around 10-20 pounds, which makes them super portable.

Some mattresses require users to pump the air in every day to maintain their firmness.

The average weight capacity of an air mattress (Queen) is 400-500 pounds. However, putting too much weight on an air bed can reduce its lifespan.

The Best and the Worst

Take a look at the following list of pros and cons. Hopefully, it will help you make up your mind.


Sturdy and supportive inner coil construction

Soft and waterproof top surface

Built-in electric pump, inflates and deflates the mattress in under 5 minutes

Non-slip bottom

Raised design

Can support up to 500 pounds

Made of thick durable PVC

Comes with a storage bag

1-year warranty


Moderate air leakage

Wasn’t designed to be used outdoors or constantly as the main bed

The pump is a bit noisy

To Be or Not to Be: Should You Buy This Air Mattress?

Tell me: when you shop for a new pair of jeans, you don’t get just any size, do you? No, you pick your size and even try it on, just in case. Am I right?

Just like that, when trying to pick an air bed, you should get something that’s suitable for your needs and circumstances.

“For people who have back issues, an air mattress can be the best choice. It’s all because the firmness level of an air bed can be easily adjusted. It also helps with the pressure relief.”

So, you are going to love this SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress if you:

Plan to use it indoors;

Are a larger sleeper or share the bed with a partner;

Don’t mind minimal air leakage.

Don’t want to use this mattress constantly in order to substitute a regular bed;

Appreciate great support;

Want something as tall as a real bed;

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The Verdict

Comfort 100%
Support 100%
Durability 80%
Air retention 70%
Storage 90%
Ease of inflation and deflation 100%
Price 80%
Warranty 80%
Company reputation 100%
Value for money 70%
Summary 87%

I will be honest with you:

The SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress isn’t a perfection. Nothing is, actually. It does have some minor flaws and might not be able to satisfy all of your needs. However, the positive traits definitely prevail over the little cons of this air bed.

First, it is very supportive. Second, it provides a great level of comfort. This SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress is super easy to use, store, inflate, deflate, and clean. It’s not the best choice for camping or for a constant substitute for your regular bed, but this model is perfect for occasional guests.

I’m sure you are going to appreciate all of the benefits it has to offer. Just make sure that this mattress’s characteristics meet your preferences before purchasing it.

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